Areas to be focused

  1. The development of any society is likely impossible without the existence of institutions imparting quality education. Therefore, in different villages of India for educating small children and youths and to inspire them for education, we will…
  • Open libraries
  • Start imparting computer education in villages
  • Distribute stationary
  • Organize debate/speech contests, quiz shows like “Kaun Banega Crorepati”
  • Organize educational and motivational seminars in villages to spread the awareness of education
  • Start “ATM Karo Social Awards”
  • Establish an IAS Aashram for creating the most honest bureaucrats
  1. Health is the most important issue in the prosperity of society. Without good health all the prosperity is useless. So to make people healthy we will…
  • Work to provide medicines in villages at the lowest cost
  • Spread awareness and inspire people for performing and adopting yoga in life
  • Get several youths trained as yoga trainers and let them serve the society for better health
  • Distribute ambulances
  • Create an emergency health care fund
  • Get built hospitals too
  • Organize free health camps
  • Start a free helpline to help youths overcoming depression and suicidal tendencies
  • Also work for “Clean India Green India”

Some more purposes

  1. Begin “Mangal Sutra Yojna”.
  2. Get built “Marriage Gardens” that will be provided to the poor at free of cost.
  3. Give financial support to the aged parents whose children have left them completely.
  4. Help the poor children financially in getting them treated of any major disease.
  5. Spread awareness also for sports and organize tournaments.
  6. Organ Donation and Blood Donation.